Tuesday, October 26, 2010

All Natural Lip Exfoliant

Have you ever try making your own lip recipe?  Why not treat your lippies to your own homemade exfoliant? There are so many different  foods inside your kitchen that can be used as  lip remedy. Sometimes it is just fun to experiment and see what works for you. I'm gonna share you one.  A simple recipe to try yet effective.

Ginger's Lipspice

a drops of honey
a dash of freshly milled coffee beans
a pinch of chili
Combine altogether = HOCOCHI

Warning: Too much chili can burn your pout.

Note: I like the hot feeling on my lips that's why i added chili.
          Chili is a good lip maximizer.
          Discard if you do not like.

Exfoliating Instructions:

Put a small amount of spice on your lips and start rubbing gently in a circular motion. Leave it for 10 minutes. Rinse and pat dry. And don't forget to moisturize right after.

G's tip: You can use the left-over as a face mask or a skin scrub as well. Exfoliating once a week works better. Do a patch test if you are in doubt of allergy.

My point of view:
The mixture of the three ingredients gives a yummy smell and taste.  I love the hot feeling during the first application. It works well on my lippies. Using hocochi is already a part of my beauty routine. And for me this is the easiest and natural way to eliminate the stubborn flaky skin on my lips. Hocochi is pocket friendly for those who has limited budget this is the way to go.

Have fun ladies!
 Don't be afraid to experiment. 


Anonymous said...

tried it ginger and feel so good. i luv the tingling sensation. Thanks for sharing.