Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Something New

I was quite busy yesterday morning as usual did my Monday routine cleaning and sorting things we don't need anymore. I finished earlier and i was happy about that.  I still have  unread newspaper and piles of magazines waiting for me. I  would like to finish reading before another issue is coming. My hubby called me up before lunch informing  that the wife of our neighbor will deliver a baby girl soon. It is supposed to be her duedate yesterday.  We decided to look for a nice baby stuffs.  Suddenly we went  around. We had fun looking at cute baby clothes. Here are stuffs we bought for the little girl.

And i thought that was all. I was surprised when H said check your account. He smiled.. I know what that means.  As i have told you from my previous post that for this month buying is finish. But yesterday got my money and so here are my great finds.