Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Shop Savvy

Hello lovelies,  I have been busy lately,  no time to blog. We went to France last weekend. I was not feeling well the past days. I had terrible toothpain. I thought  it won't come back.  So whether I like invisalign or not I must wear it again huhuhu. I hate aligners. Better let's change topic.
So what's something new in Ginger's closet? Finally,  I got what I really wanted for this month.  

Tommy Hilfiger 2 in 1 Knitted Top
Gant Sailor Knitted Rollneck
Calvin Klein Jacket
Also shopping isn't complete without visiting the house of Villeroy & Boch. I've got a complete set of South African inspired Kalahari round bowls and vases. I like the design very much. These decors are perfect for my massive table.

That's all for now. It's time for me to go to bed. Before I go here are some shopping tips.
  • Buy less but good quality.
  • Think and look twice when buying something.
  • Invest in good clothes.
  • Buy something that is versatile.
  • Choose a neutral color that goes anything inside your wardrobe.


Angelica Ng said...

Hope you had fun on your trip! Too bad about the toothache, hope that disappears soon. Awesome buys btw!

Ellen said...

Get well soon! :) Nice knitted top and knitted roll neck! :)

have a nice day!

Yannie said...

I like the Tommy blouse. Good choice sis...

hmmm I'm wondering kung ano ang mas masakit invisalign or yung braces? I'm wearing braces nagun and I hate it. Pero nasanay na rin. LOL...

Michelle said...

The bowl and vase thing is sooooo nice!!! :D

Poppy † said...

but have fun!. I also would like to go to france!. ; **
There is so beautifully;)
beautiful clothes, you will surely be a nice one;)
This beautiful vase;)
What would you say to contact this stamp?
will send to each list?

Danielle said...

Love all your purchases.
Also love your shopping tips! I don't follow any of them and often end up regretting it!

Fernroro said...

Nice buys! :D
I like the 2in1 knitted top!

You say to buy neutral clothes to match things from your wardrobe~ I used to think that too, but it made my realise how dull my wardrobe looked so I'm buying more colours now :)
I think the only think that should stay mostly neutral are pants/skirts/etc.

Setty Lepida said...

Lovely buys sweetie. Hope your toothache subsides. But you know what they say about it... it always happens when you're about to fall in love... well, let me know if the proverb stands.
Have a painless day !!!

gingerSnap said...

Thank you guys! DN't worry I will be okay.

@ Yannie: Comfy sis ang invisalign as in painless sya. Naging pasaway lang ako. Di ko na sya sinuot after 3 months. Then kapag kumain ako ng meat ayun sumasakit sya. Di na naman daw nakaalign ang jaw ko kaya eto suot uli.

@Fernror0: You are right, a wardrobe without color looks very gloomy. But neutral is timeless.

@ Setty: You made me smile. I'm always in love with or without pain.

Rania Kelesidou said...

You definitely got great stuff!The tops are very nice and the vase...stunning!I want one for my house too!

aki! said...

How come you get to travel so much? It's awesome.

Mia said...

That Calvin Klein jacket it lovely and just what I'm looking for! Hope you enjoyed France x

Marie said...

Yes, quality over quantity!:D

***** Marie *****