Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Fiori Meanings

Valentine's Day means romantic dinner, chocolates and of course flower.
 The type of flowers you give on the day is important decision. In deciding on the type of flowers to give, let this serve as your guide
for choosing the perfect flower that conveys the message you want to send to your loved ones. 

Red Roses
Represents: true love
Says: "I love you."
Also Says: "I'm not very creative and didn't put much, if any, thought into this buying decision."
Striped Carnations
Represents: refusal
Says: Sorry, I can't be with you.
Represents: purity, lofty thoughts
Says: "I'm not going to put out."
Burgundy Roses
Represents: unconscious beauty
Says: "I can't see your beauty. Because it's underneath the surface. Beauty is only skin deep. You have inner beauty? Er, I like watching you sleep."
Represents: innocence, loyal love, and faith
Says: "These are delicate with a hint of spontaneity, just like you."
Represents: shame and bashfulness
Says: "I cheated on you."
Represents: suspicion
Says: "I bet you're cheating, but we can agree that these flowers smell damn good."
Yellow Tulips
Represents: hopeless love
Says: "Please, please, please, please be with me. Please."
Bird's-Foot Trefoil
Represents: revenge
Says: "You'll pay for these flowers."
Represents: refined beauty
Says: "I am either pretentious or trying really hard to be."
Yellow Poppies
Represents: wealth and success
Says: "I love you for your money."
Pink Carnations
Represents: a mother's love
Says: "No, I don't have Oedipus Complex, but, yes, these flowers should have gone to Mom."
Represents: lust
Yellow Roses
Represents: joy, friendship, apology, jealousy, dying love, infidelity, and heartbreak
Says: "I have no idea what I'm trying to say."

To make the Valentine's gift presentation more special, present the flowers with other precious gifts;)

Lovelies, what flower would you prefer to receive on Valentine's Day?


DinaXYYan said...

I love flowers! :D

Pretzel Gurl said...

Hey there ginger! (^-^)
What flower? Definitely ROSES! ♥
Don't get me wrong. It's not because I want to have some true love here. HEHE! ♫ I just like roses. It's my favorite flower. ♥

Advance Happy Valentines Day!

InsideOut Elle said...

I'd love to get yellow tulips ;) daisies are nice too ^^ eheh this is cute~

Saving Capulet said...

can I have red money packets instead? ._.

Hazel said...

seems like the meaning of each flowers are all on the bad/negative side lol! but that was a good read ;P

laboine said...

I love flowers, especially tulips and blue roses <3

//+ I know you follow my blog so I inform you that I change my address. If you want you can come to, it will continue laboine. Kisses <3

silvia Navarro said...

cute post!!!
your style is great!
xoxo =D

Giulia said...

ooooh roses!!!

Fernroro said...

"I'm not very creative and didn't put much, if any, thought into this buying decision."

HAHAHA!! xD so trueeee~

i didnt know flowers had such negative meaning x]

...i like purple flowers.
i hope theres no meaning behind them :P

i like what daisies represent though! but the flower i find, it a bit plain. ><

Eyeliner and Heels said...

I love peonies, but now I'm suspicious... :)

Michelle said...

LOL! The Yellow Roses made me laugh! Good thing Sunflowers are my favorite! =))

Dreamy Princess said...

I'm such a classic girl. Maybe I just want to receive red roses. xp

Dreamy Princess