Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Sibiu is situated in the southern part of Transylvania.
The city is of Roman origin, founded as the colony of Cibinium.
In the 12th century, German settlers from Nürnberg, called Saxons formed a community in Transylvania and founded Sibiu as the center of the region.
The Evangelic Church is one of the most impressive buildings in Sibiu.
It was built in the 14th century on the location of an old Romanic Church from the 12th century.
The building is dominated by the seven level tower with the four towers on the corners, a mark showing that the city had the right of condemnation to death. With a height of 73.34 meters, the tower is the tallest in Transylvania.

The council tower is one of the famous monuments of Sibiu.
It bears this name because it used to defend the entrance gate into the second precinct, situated in the immediate vicinity of the building which once hosted the City Hall of Sibiu.
The nowadays edifice is the result of several construction phases, the building having been super-elevated and even incorporated in a group of buildings. Only the nucleus erected at the level of the first floor was probably preserved from the initial building. The probable dating corresponds to the building of the second fortification precinct, that is the period between 1224 and 1241, in it's initial form
the building's height not surpassing four stories.

Sibiu is beautiful. 
The best time  to go there is in spring-the season of chestnuts in blossoms.

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Alexandra said...

aww that is so nice! you made a post about a city in my country. I visited Sibiu before and it is a really beautiful city, you feel like a medieval princess walking on it's streets.
You should visit Iasi too, it's called ,,the cultural city'' I recommend you to come here in June.


lisa said...

wow this place is amazing.. the architecture is beautiful.. and i love that there's snow everyone!! it's so charming!

Ellen ♥ said...

Wow! such a great place! :D you are certified a traveler. :)

Yannie said...

Wow sis dami mo nang napuntahan... Love to visit historic place also....
Someday if God permits, makapunta din ako dyan. hehehe

Jendee said...

Wow! Nice place!!!~ :) I want to visit there~! :D

kimmy said...

wow! AWESOME place! thanks for sharing...

Orphin Lasz said...

Sibiu looks absolutely gorgeous...!
Like a beautiful scenario taken from an old novel. Definetely, beautiful architecture ; u ;

~ Orphin's Domains ~

Pretzel Gurl said...

I need to get myself one of that bag. I'm quite irresponsible and often misplace my keys, cellphones, etc. >_<

Anonymous said...

These pictures are beautiful! Thank you for the information about the city; it was fascinating :)

Marie said...

What a beautiful place!:D

Thanks for posting.:D

***** Marie *****

mckinseyann said...

You've totally convinced me to try to travel there! It looks so hauntingly historical. I love the architecture.

Natalie said...

Amazing photos thank you for sharing!!