Tuesday, April 19, 2011


A city that seems to demand a byname, it has been called the City of Love (in homage to the immortal story of the impossible and tragic story of Romeo and Juliet). Its buildings and walls attest to a thousand year long history and the part it played as events unfolded and art evolved. Verona gradually reveals itself as an ineffably lovely shimmering pearl, in a setting where the landscape seems to sum up the varied forms of nature.

Juliet's House
A tall building dating perhaps to the 13th century, with a fine brick facade. Tradition has it that this was the house of the Capulets, the powerful Veronese family which Juliet belonged.
The famous balcony which plays such an important part in the story is in the inner courtyard.

Graffiti scribbled on the wall of the house by lovers from all over the world.

Congratulations Aru!


Michelle said...

Looooove the scribble wall idea! :)

ivy said...

Cool photos!

ellie said...

Love the post!

Chelsea Lane said...

looks like such an amazing city, I hope I get to visit someday! great photos :)


Nicole✗✗ said...

Lucky girl!! I wish I could have gone there!! So beautiful!! I want to go to Juilets house sooo bad!! : )

Angela said...

What a magical place to be in! Love the grafitti.

tia said...



Ellen ♥ said...

What did you write on the wall? :) saw this place on Letters to Juliet :) aww.. nice place :)

Villa Bisono said...

This just brought tons of memories to me...I had written my name in that wall in 2002...unfortunately the ex is not around...jaja.


Brendel said...

Did you scribble on the graffiti wall, sissy?

Btw, loving the outfit!