Sunday, October 10, 2010

Grateful Weekend

Good Morning!
 It's a beautiful Sunday. The sun is shining and the sky is blue. I can feel and smell the autumn breeze. I see the morning dews flowing on the leaves of a wilting grasses. What a great feeling to see the trees are swaying and the leaves are being blown away by  a strong winds. A flock of birds flying happily around.  I wish every day is a brighter day. Today i got up a little bit late. I had a horrible sleep lastnight. I slept only three hours.  Missing my Porkie... My husband is away for a week. Right now i am feeling free! I'm gonna have a peaceful week. But honestly i miss his company. Sleep deprivation makes me feel bad. I need a nap. But i cannot do it right now. My mind is occupied  thinking of  my next weekly menu plan. Meanwhile I need a little break. I must cook coz I am hungry. Here's what i have cooked for lunch.
Sauteed Tuna Flakes in Tomato with Basmati Rice

and for my dessert

You can eat it also as a snack. A very healthy choice instead of junkies. It is very easy to prepare. Try this if you wish to have a slender body ;)

Then after lunch i did also some flower arrangement.
Nice right?

I love flowers very much. My week is not complete without it.
Life without flowers is gloomy.
I don't like to be sad..
Happiness comes from appreciating little things like this.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy day!



Brendel said...

Ganda ng food styling! Parang pro. Buti ka pa matiyaga ka sa ganyan.

gingerSnap said...

Thanks Brend. Ewan ko ba maarte talaga ako. Gusto ko maganda lagi ang presentation hihi. Kung anu-ano na lang naisipan kong gawin.