Friday, November 12, 2010


Nee is a make up line founded by Caracol Italiana Company. The line offers a complete but slim range and easy to deal cosmetics. The shades offered are both classical and trendy.

 These are my good finds  during my holiday in Malta.
 I would like to share a little bit review of these cosmetics.
Let's start with nail enamel. Below you'll see the thin brush.
This enamel is not gloopy, easy to apply.
I bought it for 6 euro.

Here are some product information

Below is the first trial i did. For the white design I used Konad white polish.
I call this design


It's very shiny in this photo.
After few days i did the same style but with a choco color to see the difference.

I think the result is not bad. It looks like a real tattoo.
Don't ask me which because my answer is..
I like both.

Honestly I like the design. And i love the shimmering pastel color.
I'm thinking i will do it again in pink and black.
 This is perfect when you wear a black lacey dress,
with a matching lipgloss under:)

I'm a lancome fanatic but when i spotted this inside the pharmacy I didn't take a second thought.
 So far i bought two. I made it sure that i have an extra.
Here are some infos about this gloss:

I paid 13 euro for this gloss.
 Sometimes mid-range glosses are better than the popular one.
I have had a bad experience with the other brand. Just spent 21 euro for nothing.
Nee gloss is a little bit gloopy but once you glide it on your lips it melts and goes smoothly.
 It doesn't leave a jellylike residue on your pout.
I like Nee because it is water resistant.
 You can wear it while swimming.
 The color stays for several hours.
It has a thin brush and this I prefer  than sponge.
 Spongey applicator is in the higher risk of contamination.

Here's the outcome...

 I am wearing...

For my face
 Nivea Beauty Lift Foundation
 Calvin Klein 104 Camel Pressed powder
Lancome Blush Subtil

For my Eyes
Lancome Eyeshadow in 416,605
Rimmel Sexy Curves Full Volume & Curve Mascara

For my Lips&Nails

Til then...



Pammy said...

That nail art looks dainty and so feminine. :) And the lippy looks pretty. :)

Jo Woods said...

Love the nails, they look so pretty :) Gorgeous colour lipgloss too xxx

Beauty Addict said...

I never heard of this brand before...
Love the nails!

DeyiMizu said...

The nail look fantastic!!

ThRiSzHa said...

so pretty..

juicekodai said...

i love the nails.. wish i can also do that with my nails..

Natali said...

OMG!! That is just amazing!! I love both colors, but if I have to pick, I think white is cutier. The pink shade is also lovely.

Rinny said...

Love your nails! I bought the Konad kit awhile ago, but I can never get the hang of it. Your stamps came out looking really good! :)

P.S. I'm hosting a giveaway for a Harajuku Lovers brush case, check it out if you're interested!

Anonymous said...

The colors look so good!!! Thanks for following :-)

Anonymous said...

Your nails are gorgeous! Love the colors, they're perfect.
I'm following (:

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Anonymous said...

Hello gingerSnap. Thanks so much for the follow! I am following you now too.

Everyone is invited for a chuckle.. lighten your day and do your heart good! Never profane, never risque.

Thanks y'all!

nikkitah said...

sis,i like the choco color of your nail tatt.pano yun?hehehe...ang cute ng pagka-pink many coats?

gingerSnap said...

Jo Woods
Thank you guys for the comments.

@Wally: Thanks also..

@Beauty addict: You can find it only in some pharmacies. It is also too new for me. Thanks, thanks..

@Juicekodai: Sweets imamaniped kita one day:).

@Rinny:I will check it soon. Thanks also.

@Nikkitah: Just start with a good primer then i used a stamper. Two coats lang sya. Thank you sis.

Ailing ♥ said...

Your tattooed nails look amazing!!!
How did you do them? I want to learn! :0
HAHA! I'm following ;)

gingerSnap said...

@Ms Ailing: Thank you, i used m57 plate and a stamper in doing this:)

The Little Dust Princess said...

The pink nail polish is so pretty!

xx The Little Dust Princess

Blonde Caviar said...

love the tattoo nails! especially in white!

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Shoe Splurge said...

wow. your nails are so pretty!

my-you-me said...

gorgeous nails!