Thursday, January 20, 2011


Nellz is a sweet doll from Romania. She is a beauty blogger. Lovely Shadow is from U.S.A. She loves polishes. Pretty mom Lyza is from the Philippines. Lyza's Lane is about food,experience,stories. You can check out their blog for more info. Thank you ladies for this award!

Here are 7 Facts About Me:

 1. I love to cook. I want to improve my culinary skill. I'm having a private cooking lesson now.

2.  My fetishes are shoes and clothes.

3. I am liliputian.

4. I have three favorite products for my face. Here are my face savers:

This is absolutely classic. It has been around for ages. My mother used it before and passed it down to my sisters, and then I started using this too when I was in college until now as a make-up remover. It completely removes all the dirts. It moisturize the skin as it cleanse. The cream is very frothy, a little bit greasy when you apply too much.  This is a great product I keep on switching back to.

I'm a long time user of Celeteque products. After a year of using Clearasil I switch back again to Celeteque. What I love using this product  is it has mild cleansing agents and moisturizers that effectively clean without hurting your skin. It leaves a smooth feeling everytime I wash my face. 

Why I am loving Lacura Quince Facefluid? It gives total dewiness in my skin. I apply it in the morning after taking a shower and at night before going to bed. It is also ideal  as make-up base. This fluid is not greasy. It has a fruity scent that  I keep on smelling all time. 

This time I am thinking to ditch some products and switch to organic or mild ones.  The lesser chemical we put on our skin, the better. I'm happy  I have less break-outs right now.

5. I'm a hotheaded commander and until now I am still learning how to be gentle.

6. I love cats and dogs.

7. S-weet
    I- cannot live without chinchunsu.
    M-ore on funny side, krung-krung
    P-inay ako.
    L-ovely but fiendish sometimes.
    E-xotically mindorenian spice :D

Now my turn to pass this award. Ladies, please do not refuse:)

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Thank you Michelle   and Katrina got this award many times. Both are charming. Check out their site.



kat said...

Congrats sa award and kasundo kita sa Ponds hehehe

Katrina said...

I gave you an award! :)
The Versatile Blogger Award!

kat :3

Michelle said...

Woah! Me and Kat gave the awards to pretty much the same people. =)) Anyways, thank you for the shoutout! :D You deserved the award! :D

if-I-were-Audrey said...

Haha du sprichst Deutsch? Na dann :D .

"I am liliputian. " -> Ich bin auch klein ^^.

Ellen said...

Yay! So pretty :)

Caroline said...

You look beautiful :D

AnnaYJia said...

haha...interesting facts about you ^^ Thanks for commenting in my blog =) I'm now following your blog ^^

if-I-were-Audrey said...

Ja ich komme aus Vietnam ? Du?

Anonymous said...

Congrats!You deserve these.Nice answers and a pretty pic of you!^_^


Vanessa said...

very beautiful blog!
i follow you!

please,you follow mw:-):-)

kisses xD