Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Benefits of Carrot Oil

I had a minor skin problem two weeks ago  due to the cold climate i guess. I  ran to the nearest drogerie to look for a good alternative. I wanted to try organic cream . I didn't buy a cream actually instead i grabbed this little bottle after reading the packaging.  I went home hurrily,  tried it first on my wrist. No allergic reaction occured. So i applied it on my face. It worked out. The outcome was really good. My skin turned back into normal and glowing. My secret? I combine it with chinchunsu.

The benefits? Carrot oil is very effective anti-aging. It is a rich source of vitamin A which is essential for the skin, helps prevent our skin against dryness and wrinkling. It reduces fine lines and blemishes as well. You can apply  it as moisturizer, and use it as a gentle expoliator or as a facial scrub by mixing it with granulated sugar.