Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Quick Tips

I am not a certified MUA but i attended some beauty workshops. Every woman needs a good set of brushes.  Having the right brushes is  the secret to a perfectly make-up application. 

The reason why i've choosen these product is because it has a superior quality of bristles. It is  made of all natural goat, squirrel, pony, and raccoon hair. The grip is  birch wood in a glossy silver color. I like the softness of the hair. It can  pick-up the pigments easily even tiny particles without leaving any smudges. I am truly satisfied with these tools.

How do i maintain my brush supple and in shape?
 I wash my brushes once a week using a mild shampoo, rinsing the bristles with a tap water until the color disappear. While washing i make it sure that the water should not reach the middle part where water seep through the ferrule and it will lead to oxidation and separation of the two parts. Then I air dry it by laying flat on a clean towel. After drying i put it back directly in the case. Brushes last longer if you clean it properly.