Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Kaleidoscope Eyes

 Today is my day-off  and usually my day to buy something.
 But because of the bad weather I prefer to stay at home.
To keep my day brighter, I make my own entertainment.
Playing with colors.
They said make up can make you look pretty on the outside
 but it doesn't help you when you are ugly unless you  eat
the make-up ha,ha...
I am too lazy to cook so this is my lunch today.

 Some of my picks for this week.
 I've got another pretty enamels from Esprit.
 Esprit Polishes are formaldehyde and toluene free.
You can wear up to 10 days.
You can see the swatches below.
I'm sorry but for so many years i'm avoiding plastics.
I applied it on the fork because I cannot make it now on my nails.
I am sill enjoying my stick- ups.
Single Coat
Two coats
I had fun while doing this.
Pretty &sexy right? I just imagine it's real.
 I like the colors very much.
Plus I did something more vibrant and fun..
How to look expensive when you are out of budget?
I skimped to steal Jessica Alba's look.



 Let's play..
  • Choose a foundation with a slight shimmer and add bronzer for warmth and dimension.
  • Smooth gold shadow over the lid and into the inner corner of the eye.
  • A warm brown in the crease softens the look.
  • Blend the green eyeshadow into the outer corner of the eye and under the bottom lashes.
  • Use a smudgy black kohl kajal pencil to line the inner lashline of the eye for added intensity.
  • Open up the eyes by applying lashings of sexy curves black mascara.




Ladies, I hope you like my ideas today.

Always stay pretty!





vainails said...

lol that was cool and funny. tlgang s fork mo nilgay? ang kulit. ahha! :)

Café Bouclé said...

Wow, I love all these make upo products!
the two topa coat are my favourite!
bye girl and thank you fo your sweet comment

Emmaleigh said...

well, I hope you're or you won't be using those forks anymore?lol! you should've used plastic ones instead. :D

What foundation did you use sis? I love Revlon PhotoReady. :D meron siyang shiny shimmering splendid effect. :D


gingerSnap said...

vainails: true, may pagkamakulit din ako :D

Cafe Boucle: You are welcome:)

Em: Nivea Beauty Lift sis, okay din ang Revlon. I tried it before.

Boutique Amelia said...

Great products!!!
Is that a hello kitty lip gloss??
I really love hello kitty, but im almost ashamed to say that i have never owner anything Hello Kitty :S
Great look too :)

mona said...

love your kikay things .. natatawa ako don sa fork!

mona said...

love your kikay things .. natatawa ako don sa fork!

Romy said...

thanks for comment!i follow you back!
i like so much that look!


Anonymous said...

thanks so much for that sweet comment! xoxo

Annelie said...

Nice products!! :)
haha those forks looks also nice

GinaGiggles said...

Loving the use of the forks!!!

Lisa Lisa Lisa said...

I love your eye makeup in the photos! I am so not creative at all when it comes to makeup, so I can respect what you put together.
Question: I have green eyes, what kind of eye makeup should I do to make them pop?

Yannie said...

I want to learn hoe to put make up. the tips are very helpful....

Angélique said...

Wat hebben die lakjes een mooie kleuren!

Angélique said...

I'm sorry for my Dutch comment, I did'nt know you live in Germany (Well, now I do) Your English is great, wish my German was that good! Thanks for your comment

Carrie said...

Great idea to use the forks to show us the colour so that you can save your current gorgeous nails xxx

gingerSnap said...

Thank you pretties for the sweet compliments. Comments are highly appreciated.

@Ms. Lisa:
Please excuse me for the late reply. First of all you should consider your skintone. If you have a light complexion avoid eyeshadows that is too deep or shimmery. If you have olive skin avoid silver and blue shadows. Green eyes look great in brown color from light to beiges to deep chocolate browns. Try purple and pink. Light green also is flattering when you applied sparingly:)

nikkitah said...

sis,i love the lighter Esprit nail color.sigh.why can't bigger brands distribute their nail polish lines here in Manila.poor "fork guinea pigs" hehehe