Friday, November 19, 2010

Hair SOS

Arrgh! I'm having a bad-hair day. I admit i abused my hair this month. I used too much chemical things which is not good for the hair. My hair become weak and brittle. Bad hair  really dampen my mood and whenever the blues hit me bad like this  there is only one place i'm turning to. Wolfy booked me in Toni&Guy and dropped me early in the morning there for a haircut and intensive treatment for my hair. So thoughtful of my Wolfie! He is always there to remind me that i need a haircut. Sarah is my good stylist usually but she changed to another salon so Suliman took-over. He is Syrian but he speaks fluent Deutsch. He is also a good stylist like Sarah. He did a good job and because of that he got a good tip also from me.  Here's his work... 

I am really satisfied with his work. I feel better after. The next step that i am going to do is to look for the right product for my hair. I am thinking to switch to something mild, organic or a baby shampoo maybe. Any recommendation?
Here are some advices I have got from the style director for maintaining moisturized hair:
  • Shampoo your hair every other day. If you shampoo twice only a little.
  • Massage your hair to stimulate the bloodflow so the hair follicles are better nourished. A healthy scalp produces a healthy hair.
  • Condition your hair from mid lenghts to the end of the hair and leave it on for a couple of minutes.
  • Rinse thoroughly, do a cold blast to stimulate your scalp.
  • Use a heat protecting product before blow-drying.
  • Blow-dry by  using a round bristle brush and point the nozzle down the hair to smooth the cuticles and get it lusciously shiny:).
P.S. For my upcoming post please stand by....

to be continued....

Happy reading!



Brendel said...

I've got the same problem, sis. My chemically-treated hair is in dire need of hair treatment.

Tried one of Loreal's hair treatment packs. The results are ho-hum.

Sara.H said...

Great tips. Thanks for sharing hun :)

juicekodai said...

wow.. thanks for sharing those tips.. my hair now is really long, it almost reach my butt..
anyway, ur ryt the stylist did a great job with ur hair

Donna ♥ Baby said...

you look beautiful :)

Tsina said...

I think, he did a good job. The hair looks good on you. =)

LadySophistifunk ☠ said...

Try out Renpure Organics and Organix
Also, don't use any heating tools for time being, if you do choose to blow dry choose the cold air or lowest heat.

P o o p e r said...

Your hair looks really nice! I learned these same tips from a hair stylist just because I was in the same situation. My hair was really damaged due to chemicals and applying heat to my hair all the time.

Nowadays I don't use hairspray and I don't flat iron/blow dry my hair. :3

Ellen ♥ said...

pretty hair and pretty smile = looking good :)

a!k0 said...

Oh love the new hair :D I try to follow those rules...but I usually can't stand the cold blast to rinse the gets too cold :D
Thanks for the tips!


Carrie said...

i love it! He did a really good job!

i am now your newest follower! :D


Rei said...

Great tips, your hair looks healthy. I like using Argan or jojoba oil just on the middle to ends of my hair.

Arantxa said...

Gracias por tus consejos para cuidar el pelo. Yo también te sigo. Besos

Carrie said...

He has done a lovely job of your hair, you look stunning xxx

gingerSnap said...

@Brendel:We need more treatment sis,iwas muna sa chemicals. Baka makalbo tayo hihi..
@Sara: You are always welcome!
@Juicekodai: Sweets palit tayo ng hair.I know mas shiny at thick ang hair mo.
@Donna: Baby you too:)
@Tsina: Yes he did.he handled it with care.
@Lady: I will try online.
@Pooper: It's the best way for us. Staying away with the harsh chemicals.
@Ellen: You are lovely too, thanks
@a!Ko: You are right it's cold. Try tap.
@Carrie:Yes, he did a good job that's why i've chosen him.
@Rei: Thanks, i'll try Argan too.
@Arantxa: Muchos gracias:)

Thank you lovely ladies. Your comments are highly appreciated.

Jessica said...

The hair suits you well..
I love using Citre Shine products ^__^ teehee they also have this hair mist / hair cuticle something (LOL) and it has heat protection ~~

Sara Louise said...

Nothing puts me in a bad mood like a bad hair day! Thanks for the tips :-)

MissJayce said...

thank you so much darling! I didn't think you would remember my request! thank you thank you! I will surely be on the lookout for this item! =))

YoannitaL said...

your hair look fab!